I want to list my house with a Realtor BUT I’ll have to pay 6% or 7%” You don’t think it’s fair, well, neither do we. NO WAY – NOT HERE!

 Is it worth paying 6% or more when most buyers go online now and find the range of homes they want to see? I can see that 10 years ago when the listing agent had to do more work but not now. I have seen stats where the “MLS” is responsible for over 90% of sales. If your home is priced right and on the “MLS”, it will sell regardless of who lists it or what they charge.

 Real estate agents pay big bucks to learn what to say to” Get a New Listing or an “Expired Listing” to justify a 6% or 7% listing fee which costs you thousands…….. 

 “The Internet continues to level the real estate playing field in today’s very challenging real estate environment and beyond into the new real estate business normal.”

  Sell Your Property More Intelligently by Forbes.com Real Estate Advisor Cut Real State Commissions by Barry Nelson Market Value Real Estate Property Listing Service. “This approach gives the buyer’s agent incentive to show and sell a property but saves the home seller expensive listing agent commissions.

 Realistic Cost For “Market Value Real Estate Property Listing Service” We believe that the traditional 6% or 7% is an outdated practice and has no correlation to the cost of performing a listing real estate transaction. The question is how much are you going to pay? Therefore the standard listing fee at the time of agreement is $495.00*

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