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With fuel prices soaring and the eco-friendly advantages of previewing homes on, you too can save money and time and GET a Home YOU LIKE! Did you know that the average home buyer sees about 10 homes in person before deciding to purchase one?

Imagine the additional choices you’ll have when you can quickly preview many more homes on before you ever spend your valuable time (and gas) to see these homes in person. You’ll have the benefit of seeing images of the rooms, and each Listing can contain important details about the property. You can even view the street view with Google Street View. Print a color flyer on each home to help you remember the features that interest you on each home, so you will be better informed and prepared when you meet with  Steve Albin at 865-830-6401 your Buyers Agent.

TIP: The most important factor you need to consider about real estate brokers is this, they typically work for the people selling the home -- not you. The standard practice is for the seller to hire a listing broker. That sounds simple enough.

From a buyer's standpoint, you will probably be tempted to tell a listing agent the highest price you are willing to pay for a house or the size of down payment you can afford. The sellers agent is obligated to pass those details on to the seller, which could hurt you in any negotiation.

A Final word. Please note that we do not provide a one-time search service but rather an ongoing client/consultant relationship.

When homebuyers and sellers search online, they are turning to We’re now a fast-growing real estate portal in Knoxville.