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So far this spring, more sellers than buyers have got off the sidelines and got into the market. This has closed the gap between supply and demand and caused for-sale inventory to rise again. Sales remain above expectations, even though mortgage rates have moved higher than expected.
What buyers want
2out of every 3 buyers want to purchase a single-family residence, according to NAHB’s recent study of home buyer preferences. They found that 16% of buyers want to buy a townhome, 10% want a multifamily home, and 5% want a manufactured home.
Even after controlling for location, square footage, and quality of materials, the NAHB determined that it would take a 30% discount for buyers to consider purchasing a comparable townhouse instead of a detached single-family home.
The survey is based on more than 3,000 recent and prospective home buyers and provides granular specificity based on demographic factors such as generation, geographic location, race/ethnicity, income, and price point.
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